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LA in Anarchy is a Vampire: the Masquerade play-by-post/text roleplaying server which uses 4th or 20th Anniversary Edition rules. To clarify: we are not a Dungeons and Dragons server, nor are we using any modified d20 version of the system.

We’re an active community of writers and roleplayers searching for others who wish to narratively explore the various themes present in Vampire in a moderated Sandbox environment. The Staff run events to facilitate interpersonal relationships, and allow players to drive the direction of the setting through personal story arcs and scene requests that require ST assistance.

Overall, the cast of players make the plot, not Staff. Because of this, we aim to keep a friendly, welcoming environment for all who wish to play. Please visit our Roleplay and Server rules for more information on how this is maintained.

If interested, please join the server through this link: https://discord.gg/eP69fNm

Recent Announcements

  • 09/13/2019: The list of playable bloodlines has been revised! Please check out the bloodlines page for the new list, restrictions pertaining to them, and the requirements to play a character apart of a bloodline.
  • 09/07/2019: Welcome Grompit to the Staff Team as our newest Trial Storyteller!

Weekly Featured Post

Outskirts of Los Angeles - September 5th, Excerpt from A Dead Heart of Stone
(Ventrue John Crichton by justinkayce)

"Fuck this. I'm not letting her stay in danger a moment more."

Where Connor remained quiet, and Viktoria cautious, John threw subtlety to the wind. With a hand gripping the leather-sheathed blade of the claymore, John marched past the other two kindred, not breaking stride as he approached the doors, whole body seeming to tighten as he prepared for whatever attack may have come. If Axel wanted to fight, then he could fight. John would not hide in the shadows when Emilie was in danger. A hand shot out, slamming open one of the doors - and there she was. He stopped then, feeling like he wanted to be sick. Seeing Em beaten and tied to a chair set his heart ablaze, a storm of concern and care and fury. It was a good thing he'd already crushed the Beast tonight.

"AXEL SORENSEN." He near screamed the Ventrue's name, letting his anger and fear and disgust at this coward twist the shout into words of pure hatred. With one fluid movement John ripped the sword from the scabbard, letting the point hit the concrete floor with a ring that echoed through the hangar.

"You've broken the Traditions. More importantly, you've started a war with me. Come out and fucking die."

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