Assamite Ghouls

"You would not be so bold, if you knew what
I am capable of."

Assamite Ghouls

The ghouls serving the Assamite Clan often suffer from the same stereotypes their masters do. They are believed to be selected exclusively from skilled mercenaries and violent killers, and are thought to be fanatics for the glory of Haqim. In truth, many of these rumors are related to the ghouls who belong to the Web of Knives, a paramilitary group operated by the Warrior Caste. The Web of Knives is an elaborate operation that incorporates training camps and strict rules for its members. After mortals are selected, the Web’s eager warriors are subjected to rigorous drills and trained to assassinate targets.

In truth, the Web of Knives trains Bound ghouls for a period of seven years to kill a key target on behalf of the Clan. After this period, the Warrior Caste rewards their ghouls with the Embrace. Although these ghouls are rarely seen, their reputation is so widespread that many shocking assassinations are thought to be the work of this group. While there are several fanatics and assassins within the Assamite Clan, there are not as many as other Clans believe. In fact, the Assamites choose their ghouls in much the same way other Clan members do, according to the needs of each Caste.

In addition to the Web of Knives, the Warrior Caste creates ghouls in addition those candidates they are grooming for Embrace. These ghouls are often short-lived, being disposed of after they’ve fulfilled the task they were selected to accomplish. These duties might range from providing a little extra muscle to spying on a target. The Vizier Caste, on the other hand, prefers ghouls to act as their bodyguards, financial advisors, and accountants, while the Sorcerer Caste uses technologically-savvy ghouls for research and assistance in their labs alongside their revenant family. Thus, despite their reputation, the Assamite Clan uses ghouls to perform ordinary, everyday tasks that are too mundane and time-consuming for them to perform.

Additionally, the Assamite Clan maintains an elaborate network of spies and contacts located primarily in the Middle East and North Africa. These ghouls typically work for the Vizier Caste, but are tasked with collecting information on behalf of the entire Clan. Often, these ghouls spy on other vampires in the area, but are also used to assess and infiltrate local governments for the Clan’s benefit.

While Assamite ghouls are not all as welltrained as those serving the Web of Knives, most are able to defend themselves when necessary. The Children of Haqim do not expect every ghoul to be a warrior,
nor do they grant the Embrace to all of their servants, even when a ghoul is hand-picked for a specific domitor. In general, however, Assamite ghouls are treated well provided they fulfill their duties properly, for they are considered to be Clan assets to some degree. Should they fail to perform, even when assigned to difficult or highly dangerous jobs, Assamite ghouls are often quickly replaced with other, more capable, candidates.

Assamite antitribu, on the other hand, tend to avoid creating ghouls and, when they do, use them for a short period of time.

Though other Clans don’t pay close attention to how the Assamites treat their ghouls, many vampires wrongfully assume that Assamite domitors adopt Western attitudes toward their servants when living in Western countries. In truth, the Children of Haqim are fully aware of the weakness their ghouls carry, and understand that a ghoul who is suspected of no longer being a mortal risks the exposure of their Clan. Thus, while many are indoctrinated into each Caste, Assamite domitors tend to actively recruit ghouls they wish to groom for the Embrace. Most other ghouls, however, don’t survive very long, and often attempt to escape at the first opportunity.


Assamite ghouls are selected based on their value to the Clan, and whether or not a domitor intends to train or groom them for the Embrace. Thus, the physical health and appearance of a ghoul matters
greatly to the Warrior Caste, but less so to the Sorcerer Caste. Warrior Caste ghouls often wear fatigues, are in peak physical condition, and are frequently chosen for their grace and reflexes over raw muscle. Vizier Caste and Sorcerer Caste ghouls range widely, as they prize intellectual and social prowess more so than physical traits. Occasionally, some domitors select certain ghouls for their strategic value, especially if they plan for them to be placed as spies among local populations. In general, however, Assamite ghouls dress to blend in according to their customs and cultures, rather than stand out. Some Assamite ghouls are of Middle Eastern descent, but the Clan doesn’t create ghouls based on this criterion.

Character Creation

Assamite ghouls are unlike other servants, for very rarely will a domitor feed the Blood to a mortal on a whim. Chosen for specific purposes and roles, ghouls who are selected to be groomed for the
Embrace are put through taxing, often dangerous, trials.

Thus, Attributes, Abilities, Skills, and Talents should be customized to whether or not that ghoul is serving the Warrior, Vizier, or Sorcerer Castes. Though this is the case, all Assamite ghouls have the ability to defend themselves in basic combat, at least long enough to escape to safety.

Clan Disciplines

Celerity, Obfuscate, Quietus.

Clan Weakness

The blood of Assamite ghouls carries the taint of the Clan’s many curses. Over a period of seven to ten years, their mortal blood begins to darken and eventually turns pitch black. After that time, it is believed that the Assamite ghouls suffer an additional curse that’s related to their domitor’s Caste, and it is for this reason why the Clan does not maintain ghouls for longer than a decade. Warrior Caste ghouls become addicted to their master’s blood, Vizier Caste ghouls develop an ObsessiveCompulsive Derangement, and the auras of Sorcerer Caste ghouls reflect that of a thaumaturge, regardless of whether or not they have the skill or ability to perform rituals

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