A mysterious disease has befallen the Kindred of Los Angeles…


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Initial Feeding

The Player will roll Stamina vs Difficulty 8, Fortitude or Willpower is not permitted.

Result Effect
Success Not Infected
Failure Infected
Botch Infected + 1 level of Bashing (unsoakable)


Once infected, the character will suffer status penalties of the stage they're at. Progression is determined by the same roll used during the initial feeding. This roll is always made before the character rises that evening.

  • Success: the character is fighting off the infection. Each success lowers the difficulty of the progression roll by one, until a total of 5 successes are gained.
  • Failure: the infection progresses, which resets all progress at fighting the disease, meaning the character must start over working towards the 5 successes required.
  • Botch: the infection progresses as if it were a failure, but the character also suffers one level of unsoakable bashing damage.


Initial Infection

It was strange… you weren't sure what that guy was on, but you thought he was sober. Maybe you're head will clear up after whatever it was wears off.

The symptoms below are in effect immediately after infection:

  • Balance and coordination is off [-1 to Dexterity]
  • Head is cloudy [-1 to Wits]
  • Appears 1 Humanity lower than their current rating (Humanity 7 vampires will appear to be Humanity 6), and blushing isn't possible.


Waking up tonight you feel a lot worse. Maybe he had been on something a lot harder than you anticipated. Your limbs haven't ever felt this heavy, and thinking takes time… feeding on something fresh might perk you up.

If the infection progresses, these symptoms take hold:

  • Previous symptoms
  • Feeling weaker [-1 to Strength]
  • Only fresh blood is appetizing [Any consumed blood that had been preserved by any means will be purged immediately]
  • Appears 2 Humanity lower than their current rating (Humanity 7 vampires will appear to be Humanity 5), and blushing isn't possible.

Complete Infection

This couldn't be a drug, not anymore. The motivation to get out of bed has been lost as you struggle to move and think. The Blood doesn't even respond to your will, though it isn't like you want to feed. What's happening?

If the illness progresses to this stage, remove the previous symptoms as these replace them:

  • Waking up for the evening takes extra effort [1 additional Blood Point required to rise]
  • Movements are sluggish and uncoordinated [-1 to Dexterity. Complete absence of Celerity]
  • Physically Weak [Strength is halved, rounded down. Complete absence of Potence]
  • Mind is slowed [Wits is halved, rounded down]
  • Blood of any kind refuses to stay down [Roll Self Control/Instinct vs Difficulty 8, where the blood drank is purged on a Failure. Preserved blood is still purged immediately without a roll.]
  • The Blood is dormant [Can only spend blood to wake for the evening, it cannot be spent on anything else.]
  • The Kiss is painful [Apply 'Grip of the Damned' for the duration of the infection at this stage]
  • Appears 3 Humanity lower than their current rating (Humanity 7 vampires will appear to be Humanity 4)

Important Notes

Please read below before asking questions, as they might be answered here:

  • Fortitude or Willpower is not permitted on any of these Stamina rolls.
  • The character will only change visibly. Their humanity/path rating remains the same.
  • Blood expenditures are only restricted completely on the 3rd stage. The first two only make spending blood for blush of life impossible.
  • If infected, merits such as Blush of Life and Master of the Masquerade are unable to work.
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