Gargoyles possess a fourth in-clan Discipline, called Flight. All Gargoyles start with a free dot, and it can be increased like any other Discipline. As the Gargoyle gains dots of Flight, he becomes capable of flying faster, as follows:

• The character cannot actually fly, but can soar like a hang-glider. He also cannot carry anything (he needs his hands to help steer). Maximum speed is equal to prevailing winds, or 15 miles/25 kilometers per hour in calm air.

•• The character can make a running takeoff and carry 20 pounds/10 kilograms while flying. Maximum speed is 30 miles/50 kilometers per hour.

••• The character can make a straight, vertical takeoff if unencumbered, or can make a running take-off carrying up to 50 pounds/25 kg. Maximum air speed is 45 miles/70 kilometers per hour.

•••• The character can now make a vertical takeoff with up to 50 pounds/25 kg of baggage, but can carry up to 100 pounds/45 kg while flying. Maximum speed is 60 miles/95 kilometers per hour.

••••• The character can now carry up to 200 pounds/90 kg, easily enough to carry away an adult person (or vampire). Maximum speed is 75 miles/120 kilometers per hour.

Further dots in the Discipline add 100 pounds/45 kg of weight and 20 miles/30 kilometers per hour to the speed. Gargoyles don’t think of Flight as a Discipline. To them, it’s just flight, part and parcel to being a Gargoyle, and may be baffled by notions such as teaching it to other vampires.

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