Followers Of Set Ghouls

“You stumble blindly, friend. Come, let us speak
of the One True God.”

Followers of Set Ghouls

Setite ghouls are believed to be less relied upon than the many cultists serving the Clan, and to some extent this is correct. The Followers of Set do tend to focus primarily on maintaining their cults, and they occasionally create Bound ghouls as a way of rewarding cult leaders and keeping the other cultists in line. However, Setites do not waste precious vitae on just anyone, especially since the Blood carries the Clan weakness. Over time, all Setite ghouls develop light sensitivity, which defeats the purpose of having servants who can walk in the daylight.

Most Setite domitors will spend time observing their cultists, and then promise those individuals a way of connecting with their god, Set. It is commonly believed that, at this point, the truth about the
Setite’s nature is then revealed. The fact that the Followers of Set are vampires may or may not be a revelation to young ghouls. However, further indoctrination into the cult, while it comes with a price, is often welcomed by young Setite ghouls eager to prove themselves to their domitors. Setite ghouls who persevere are further indoctrinated into the Clan, and are often observed to see if they are faithful, capable, cunning, or deadly. Those who are simply faithful and loyal are kept as ghouls, likely to be forever denied the Embrace, but serve believing one day it will be granted to them.

Common tasks assigned to Setite ghouls are related to the maintenance of the cult. Setite ghouls might recruit a fresh group of cultists and lead ceremonies, or could police its members from within. These ghouls are almost always as charming and seductive as their domitors, even though they have little to no knowledge of what the Setite Clan is truly about. Other ghouls are involved with assassinations, guard duty, forging contacts in the underworld, or finding contractors and small businesses to hire. These Setite ghouls are tough but canny, and seem less like mindless followers than those ghouls chosen from the throngs of cultists.

Additionally, the Followers of Set are also opportunists who understand the need to replenish their cultists and ensure they have the necessary resources to survive. To this end, they tend to recruit ghoul candidates who operate during the night, so they suffer less limitations due to the Clan’s weakness. Setite domitors will recruit outside of their cults for this purpose. They might select criminals and vagrants, or focus on finding candidates from third shift workers such as janitors, bodyguards, watchmen, police officers, and drivers.

Many vampires outside the Setite Clan believe that all Setite ghouls are mercenaries and thugs. However, Setites consider their blood holy. The feeding of vitae to a mortal is not a gift given lightly. Even if a
candidate was physically impressive, Setite domitors select ghouls who they feel are worthy of handling revelations of their god. This does not mean Setites avoid feeding vitae to their bodyguards, for some do. But, the typical Setite ghoul is more often a smiling supplicant than a sneering villain. The Setite Clan thrives by defying expectations, and their ghouls are no different.

Though some vampires tend to think that all Setites are fanatics and seducers, the Warrior Setite line is more militant and focused on fighting in the name of Set. Thus, Warrior Setites tend be more reliant on ghouls than other members of their Clan, because they need new soldiers that are well-trained and willing to sacrifice themselves for their domitors. Candidates might be chosen from a cult’s members, but the Warrior Setites value physical traits and abilities over loyalty at the onset. To the Warrior line, a whimpering, eager cultist may be useful, but that ghoul isn’t as valuable as a strong, fierce
soldier who can protect his domitor. For this reason, it’s often suspected that the Warrior line grooms only the most promising candidates for the Embrace.


Setite ghouls are found throughout the world alongside their masters, and are drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds, classes, and cultures. Most Setite ghouls, however, do not wear culturally-or-religious appropriate clothing for the same reasons other mortals might, for they worship Set. For this reason, some Setite ghouls either tattoo or adorn themselves with a reptilian symbol of their god, while others are prohibited from showing their loyalty to avoid detection by authorities or rival Clans.

Character Creation

Setite ghouls are selected for different reasons. Those who are chosen from their throngs of cultists tend to have strong Social Attributes and Skills that reflect their charismatic leadership and ability to
recruit new members. These ghouls also make excellent spies and propaganda machines, too. Physically-talented ghouls, on the other hand, are often assigned to security. They may also be recruited to become soldiers who fight in Set’s name.

Clan Disciplines

Obfuscate, Presence, Serpentis.

Clan Weakness

Ghouls who subsist primarily on Setite vitae gradually develop an aversion to daylight. During daylight hours, she might require strong, prescription sunglasses, and bright flashes such as a camera flash or lightning may require a Frenzy check. Among ghouls of certain Clans and bloodlines, like the Followers of Set, this Flaw can worsen over long periods of time at the Storyteller’s discretion.

The point value for the Light Sensitive Flaw reflects an increasing sensitivity to artificial and natural light. A 2-point Flaw means your ghoul retreats from harsh, bright sunlight harsh and will react more quickly than most mortals. At 4 points, your ghoul is incapable of functioning normally in bright sunlight, and may develop painful skin rashes and/or sunburn after exposure.

At 6 points, the ghoul finds any bright light nearly paralyzing, and will go to whatever lengths required to avoid such bright conditions. Bad sunburn will result from only a minute or two in full sunlight, and will become bashing damage at a rate of one point of damage per fifteen minutes’ worth of exposure. A ghoul with this level of the Flaw will therefore receive four points of bashing damage per hour of contact with full sunlight or its equivalent. Such damage may be healed normally.

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