"Master. Why did you burn her? She only wanted to fly free for one night…
yes, master. I obey."

The Runaway Rockheads

The Tremere unveiled the Gargoyle bloodline in AD 1167, and the Slaves have been a steady, if infrequent, part of Kindred society ever since. Gargoyles might, in fact, be one reason that the Tremere weren’t exterminated entirely in their first few centuries of existence. These odd quasi-Kindred often look like their stone namesakes — rocky-skinned, ugly, winged creatures that exist only to serve
their masters. Or such was the case for several hundred years. Recently, though, many of the Slaves have thrown off their chains and joined the Camarilla. Why the Gargoyles choose to ally themselves with the Sect that also protects their former masters is anyone’s guess. One of the going theories is that it’s a slap in the Warlocks’ collective face, but most Kindred don’t give the Gargoyles credit for being that sophisticated. More likely, the Rockheads simply realize that in the Camarilla, their talents will be recognized and no one will try and order them around (at least not directly).

Gargoyles are created out of other Kindred, and this ugly fact makes their creation a seldom-discussed topic in polite vampiric society. The Tremere start with a Gangrel, Nosferatu, or Tzimisce
vampire and perform obscene, bloody rituals using its blood, heart, and skin. Vitae from another vampire (from one of the other two Clans) is used to provoke a violent mutation, with the result that some Gargoyles look purely hideous (Nosferatu base), some look feral (Gangrel base), and some look fleshy and sport bony protrusions (Tzimisce base). No Gargoyle can pass for

The Tremere tolerate the Gargoyles’ presence in the Camarilla as best they can — it’s not as though they can easily re-enslave them, after all. But relations are obviously strained. The Gargoyles’ revolt and induction into the Camarilla has all but doomed the remaining slave Gargoyles, as their masters now monitor them ruthlessly for any sign of betrayal. The Tremere also aren’t above planting hypnotic suggestions in their Slaves’ minds, so that if they ever do rebel, they still serve a function for the Clan.


Gargoyles usually join the Camarilla. It’s not impossible for a Slave to join the Sabbat, but the bloodline as a whole frowns on this.


Not all Gargoyles look like the stone grotesques found spitting rainwater over old buildings, but all are nightmarish. Some have tufts of hair protruding randomly over their bodies, or odd, galloping
walks. Most Gargoyles have gray, rock-like skin. All Gargoyles have wings. These grow as the character’s Flight increases.


Slave Gargoyles sleep wherever their masters allow them — closets, basements, crypts, cells. Free Gargoyles prefer sleeping in havens high above the ground. Bell towers and disused high-rises are favorites. Gargoyles are often muscle for other Kindred, sometimes in exchange for a bare-bones haven.


Gargoyles creation rarely shows a discernible pattern. The Change tortures the new Gargoyle’s body, as bones elongate and split to form the wings. The face warps, leaving nothing to recognize the mortal or vampire by. They rarely remember their unlife or mortal existence.

Character Creation

Created to be slaves, Gargoyles specialize in Physical Attributes, Talents, and a few select Skills (Melee, for instance). All Gargoyles start with a free dot of the Flight Discipline. Appearance is always zero. Gargoyles created by the Tremere are at the same Generation as the Kindred that act as their “base.”

Clan Disciplines

Flight, Fortitude, Potence, Visceratika


The Slaves are hideous. That grotesquery takes different forms, but always results in an Appearance of zero. They are also highly susceptible to mind control from any source. A Gargoyle’s Willpower score (current or permanent) is considered two points lower when used to resist such powers.


Gargoyles have a strong sense of community. They often keep communal havens. Sometimes Gargoyles petition the Prince for the release of slave Gargoyles, but more often they just tear slave
owners to pieces. With no community, Gargoyles are likely to Embrace and build their own.


Camarilla: Our new home. Here, no one shouts or strikes us or burns us with mirrors and light. Here, they ask politely, and we are free to ask for payment in blood. Paradise.
Sabbat: They are so brutal. And they love eachother so. And yet, when I think of them, my eyes begin to burn. Why should this be?
Tremere: I will never be a slave again. Never.

The View From Without

Camarilla: Fuck you, Merlin. They belong to all of us now.
Sabbat: Where d’ya think they get the raw materials to make those monsters? Oh, the civilized Camarilla.
Ravnos: You headed into the city? Good luck! Don’t forget to look up!

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