Gangrel Ghouls

Sect Anarch/Camarilla
Clan Disciplines Animalism, Fortitude, Protean.
Weakness Gangrel ghouls, regardless of bloodline, are affected by the phases of the moon. Under the crescent moon, difficulties to avoid frenzy increase by one. Under the half or gibbous moon, difficulties rise by two.

The Gangrel Clan is often typecast as a circle of nature lovers who prefers the wilderness to any city. In truth, members of the Clan play up this belief by flaunting their animal ghouls who guard their havens in city parks, abandoned lots, county zoos, and surrounding forests. What many Gangrel have, however, is a thirst to wander, and the Clan’s domitors choose ghouls to ensure not only their safety and security, but also their way of unlife.

Animals often make loyal, dependable and, more importantly, predictable servants. Unlike mortals, animals do not have dangerous ambitions or roam far from their master’s side to prove themselves. In truth, the Gangrel Clan employs animal ghouls more so than any other Clan, because they blend into the flora and fauna right alongside their domitors.

Gangrel domitors have learned that animal ghouls are best suited for specific, simple roles. However, the actions they might take are dependent on their species. Domesticated dogs, for example, make good hunters and trackers, and can be easier to control than wild, untamed wolves. Birds, such as crows or pigeons, might keep watch for early intruders or get a different view of a battlefield. On the other hand, ferrets, rats, and other small rodents can be great infiltrators because they are able to crawl up drainpipes, enter most buildings, and steal small items.

The Clan’s natural propensity toward communing with the animal kingdom eliminates a lot of barriers that other domitors might face. However, animal ghouls require vitae just as a mortal ghoul might, and they do require training. Thus, while some Gangrel domitors feel a well-trained animal ghoul is a precious commodity, others release them into the wild after they’ve outlived their usefulness. Regardless, most Gangrel domitors are able to get the most use out of animal ghouls, because they tend to consider their natural environment when putting them to the task. While some Ventrue domitors, for example, might pride themselves on maintaining purebred hounds to impress visitors, Gangrel domitors tend to choose breeds based on whether or not those dogs are commonly found in the area.

Though no one knows for certain how many mortal ghouls the Clan keeps, there are many cases where they are more preferable to animals. In general, Gangrel domitors favor selecting candidates based on their ability to roam or travel freely. Thus, their ghouls might include truckers, drivers, tour guides, entrepreneurs, wilderness experts or enthusiasts, and college students. Such ghouls can aid their masters while traveling long distances, allowing them to swiftly pass through dangerous territories in the course of their journey. However, these ghouls are also tasked with finding victims for their domitors to feed upon, and might be ordered to help dispose of the bodies. In truth, the Gangrel Clan regards ghouls much in the same way other Clans do. Often, a domitor’s Sect will govern not only which ghouls are created, but why. Gangrel in the Camarilla and the Anarch Movement may show disdain for some protocols, such as bowing down to a Prince or respecting artificial lines governing their rivals’ territories, but are pragmatic enough to understand the value of protecting the Masquerade. Elder Gangrel may even go so far as to select ghouls that can help keep prying eyes away from themselves and other
members of the Clan.

In the Sabbat, City Gangrel also understand the need for discretion. Thus, they might select park rangers or zookeepers as their ghouls, in order to control access to areas of the city where their animal ghouls reside. However, they might also choose ghouls to help them remain comfortable in the city, such as slum lords, pet store owners, or street vendors. Those mortals can not only provide access to havens for the vampire’s pack, but also the occasional fistfuls of cash.

Of all of the Clan’s members, the Country Gangrel are the least likely to maintain mortal ghouls for a variety of reasons. These Gangrel tend to be on the move more often than other members of the Clan. Due to the fact that many Country Gangrel follow a Path of Enlightenment, their interactions with mortals are arguably either more difficult or are not worth the effort from their perspective. Thus, Country Gangrel tend to select animal ghouls to serve them, or they rely on their packmates for help. Even though they tend to isolate themselves, Country Gangrel do interact with other members of the Sabbat, including the Bratovich revenant family who they can often be seen hunting with.


Given that Gangrel ghouls spend a lot of time with their domitors in the great outdoors, they often dress accordingly. Outdoor clothing, including camouflage and combat boots, is commonplace. Many Gangrel ghouls are rugged and in great physical condition, and they often prefer to wear durable clothing that matches their athletic, outdoorsy personalities. Should their connection to society fade, Gangrel ghouls often become less interested in their appearance.

Character Creation

Gangrel ghouls are often drawn from careers or lifestyles that allow them to be transient, but also help their masters in many, different ways. Since Gangrel domitors tend a hard time connecting to people, they often rely on ghouls that have strong Allies and Resources. Physical Attributes and Skills are valued, because Gangrel domitors aren’t always around to protect their ghouls. Animal Ken, however, is an important Skill to invest in, for Gangrel ghouls will often encounter their domitors’ animal servants or ghouls.

Clan Disciplines

Animalism, Fortitude, Protean.

Clan Weakness

Gangrel ghouls, regardless of bloodline, are affected by the phases of the moon. They are affected by the phases of the moon, increasing their chances to frenzy. Under the crescent moon, difficulties to avoid frenzy increase by one. Under the half or gibbous moon, difficulties rise by two. When the moon is full, difficulties increase by three. This Flaw affects their difficulty to avoid frenzy, and reflects the animalistic nature of the vitae they drink.

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