Old Clan Tzimisce

"Old ways do not die. Like old Cainites, they merely sleep, awaiting sufficient blood to reawaken them."

The Old Clan

The Old Clan Tzimisce are a small group of Fiends who predate the use of fleshcrafting. They regard Vicissitude as a disease of the soul, and refuse to learn or employ it. In most other respects, though, they resemble the rest of the Clan. They share the Clan’s propensity for manners and respect for territory, and as most of the surviving members of this “bloodline” still reside in what is now Romania, they govern their territories using Old World methods and customs. In some remote places, they rule more or less openly, taking blood tithe from the mortals under their “protection” and keeping out other supernatural threats. As the world grows smaller through the use of information technology, though, those nights may be coming to an end.

The Old Clan would prefer never to have to deal with the “defiled” members of Clan Tzimisce, but family is family and they can’t survive the modern nights with no support. They make treaties and trade favors with other Fiends, sometimes lending support to the Sabbat as a whole in exchange for help and support when they need. One thing they refuse to do, though, is share blood with a Sabbat vampire. One never knows what might be swimming in it.


Animalism, Auspex, Dominate


As with the rest of the Clan, the Old Clan Tzimisce must sleep in at least two handfuls of soil from their homeland. Failure to meet this requirement halves the Tzimisce’s dice pools every 24 hours, until all pools fall to one die. This penalty remains until they are able to rest for a full day in their earth.

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