Reference Sheet


How to determine the difficulty of your roll.

Three Trivial (scanning a small crowd for a familiar face)
Four Easy (following a trail of blood)
Five Straightforward (seducing someone who’s already “in the mood”)
Six Standard (firing a gun)
Seven Challenging (locating where those agonized whispers are coming from)
Eight Difficult (convincing a cop that this isn’t your cocaine)
Nine Extremely difficult (walking a tightrope)

Degrees of Success

One Success Marginal (getting a broken refrigerator to keep running until the repairman arrives)
Two Successes Moderate (making a handicraft that’s ugly but useful)
Three Successes Complete (fixing something so that it’s good as new)
Four Exceptional (increasing your car’s efficiency in the process of repairing it)
Five or More Phenomenal (creating a masterwork)

Health Levels

Health Level Dice Pool Penalty Movement Penalty
Bruised 0 Character is only bruised and suffers no dice pool penalties due to damage.
Hurt -1 Character is superficially hurt and suffers no movement hindrance.
Injured -1 Character suffers minor injuries and movement is mildly inhibited (halve maximum running speed).
Wounded -2 Character suffers significant damage and may not run (though he may still walk). At this level, a character may only move or attack; he always loses dice when moving and attacking in the same turn.
Mauled -2 Character is badly injured and may only hobble about (three yards or meters/turn).
Crippled -5 Character is catastrophically injured and may only crawl (one yard or meter/turn).
Incapacitated n/a Character is incapable of movement and is likely unconscious. Incapacitated vampires with no blood in their bodies enter torpor.
Torpor n/a Character enters a deathlike trance. He may do nothing, not even spend blood, until a certain period of time has passed.
Final Death n/a Character dies again, this time forever.

Frenzy Difficulties

Provocation Difficulty
Smell of blood (when hungry) 3 (or higher in extreme cases)
Sight of blood (when hungry) 4 (or higher in extreme cases)
Being harassed 4
Life-threatening situation 4
Malicious taunts 4
Physical provocation 6
Taste of blood (when hungry) 6 (or higher in extreme cases)
Loved one in danger 7
Outright public humiliation 8

Rötschreck Difficulties

Provocation Difficulty
Lighting a cigarette 3
Sight of a torch 5
Bonfire 6
Obscured sunlight 7
Being burned 7
Direct sunlight 8
Trapped in burning building 9

Fire and Burns

Soak Difficulty Heat of Fire
3 Heat of a candle (first-degree burns)
5 Heat of a torch (second-degree burns)
7 Heat of a Bunsen burner (third-degree burns)
8 Heat of an electrical fire
9 Heat of a chemical fire
10 Molten metal
Health Levels/Turn Size of Fire
One Torch; a part of the body is exposed to flame
Two Bonfire; half of the body is exposed to flame
Three Raging inferno; entire body is engulfed in flame

Soaking Sunlight

Only vampires with fortitude can attempt to soak sun damage, using a soak dice pool equal to the level of the Discipline.

Soak Difficulty Intensity of Light
3 Faint light coming through a closed curtain; heavy cloud cover; twilight
5 Fully protected by heavyclothes, sunglasses, gloves, and a wide-brimmed hat
7 Indirect light coming through a window or light curtains
9 Outside on a cloudy day; hit by one ray of direct light; catching the sun’s reflection in a mirror
10 Direct rays from an unobscured sun
Health Levels/Turn Exposure
One Small part of body exposed — a hand or part of the face
Two Large part of body exposed — a leg, an arm, or the whole head
Three Fifty percent or more of the body exposed — wearing thin clothing

Generation Traits

Max Trait Rating: This indicates the highest permanent Trait rating (excluding Humanity/Path ratings and Willpower ratings) a vampire of the given Generation can have. This is especially important with regard to Disciplines and Attributes.
Blood Pool Max: The maximum number of blood points a vampire may keep in her system. Remember that elder vampires concentrate their blood — while the volume of blood in their bodies is no greater than any other vampire’s, each pint of blood is worth more than one point.
Blood Points/Turn: This indicates how many blood points a vampire can spend in a single turn.

Generation Max. Trait Rating Blood Pool Max Blood Points/Turn
Third 10 ??? ???
Fourth 9 50 10
Fifth 8 40 8
Sixth 7 30 6
Seventh 6 20 4
Eighth 5 15 3
Ninth 5 14 2
Tenth 5 13 1
Eleventh 5 12 1
Twelfth 5 11 1
Thirteenth+ 5 10 1
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