Salubri Antitribu

"I’d wear your skin, but I don’t want to smell like fear and gasoline."

The Furies

The Salubri of the Sabbat are not the quiet, contemplative Kindred that seek Golconda in persecuted exile. No, these Kindred call themselves “Furies,” and they seek the blood of the Camarilla vampires — the Tremere especially — with a venomous passion. In nights past, as mentioned in the Salubri spread, the Clan contained both healers and warriors. And now, in the modern nights, the warriors have reemerged — and stand to be counted with the Sabbat.

The Salubri antitribu are devoted to the cause of killing Camarilla vampires, but not necessarily to other Sabbat agendas. They take part in the ritae of the Sect, and they share their blood, but what truly fires them up is the chance to invade Camarilla territory and burn some Tremere. If the ancient rumors of the Salubri warriors being honorable knights are true, then times have indeed changed. These Kindred do not know “honorable combat” from “IED.” They just want to watch their enemies crumble to dust.


Auspex, Fortitude, Valeren


Unlike their nonviolent brethren, Sabbat Salubri must consume blood taken by force, preferably in the heat of battle. Unless the vampire feeds on blood from a fallen foe or fights his target before
feeding, the Vitae offers no nourishment. In addition, Salubri antitribu cannot start lower than Tenth Generation or higher than Twelfth, as their blood has yet to spread across a wider spectrum than that.

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