Server Rules

While it is not a rule, we recommend that all players are 18+ due to mature subject matters.

  • Being polite and courteous to others. This includes (but is not limited to) avoiding: generally hostile/aggressive behavior; abuse or harassment of other members; threats or derogatory statements; and OOC calls to excessive violence towards other players or their characters.
  • No prejudice or hate speech of any kind. Leave your opinions at home and afford people the same respect you'd like for yourself and your own group.
  • Not creating unnecessary drama. If you have something to say to someone, take it to DMs and leave it out of public channels. This includes but isn't limited to leaking DMs without permission, discussing moderation action in public channels, and so on.
  • Using English primarily. This is an English-based server, so English is the primary language we all communicate in. Refrain from communicating in other languages outside of short phrases and thematic text in your RP posts.
  • Not spamming or trolling.
  • Not advertising of other discord servers. Other forms of advertisement must be approved with administration before posting.

Remember: you are responsible for you and your character’s actions. If a rule is broken, administration can take various actions such as verbal warnings, temporary mutes, and bans should it come to it.

An ST's ruling for in-character is final, an admin's/Baron's words are final everywhere. If you disagree it can be discussed civilly within the DMs of the parties involved, but any hostile or argumentative behavior is grounds for removal.

Please, don’t hesitate to reach out to a Baron if you have anything to say – whether it be a suggestion or a report of concerning activity. We try our best, but the server has grown significantly from its humble roots and we’re not omnipresent. It’s only from the combined effort from all of the lovely people here that we can continue to make this community an awesome and welcoming place.

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