1870-1944 - Don Sebastian's Reign.

  • By Camarilla standards a tough yet civil Prince, and as long as the Kindred obeyed his rules, they were welcome to stay.
  • Though most other Princes were not content to let deposed Kindred drift into their cities from others, Don Sebastian let them come freely to L.A., convinced it would solidify his power.
  • Openly contemptuous of practically anyone who wasn’t a pureblooded Spaniard of noble descent — which, by the 1930’s, meant almost everyone around him.

1927 - An eighth generation of Clan Tremere named Alonzo de Portola made a run for Don Sebastian's throne

  • The Tremere and his supporters disappeared without a trace, and still have not been heard from since.
  • Impressed and entirely flabbergasted, the elders supported the Don's continued rule.

1943 - the Brujah Jeremy MacNeil appeared in Los Angeles, and because of his reputation Don Sebastian wanted him gone as soon as possible.

May of 1943 - MacNeil petitons Don Sebastian for justice on behalf of a group of Black & Hispanic anarchs who had been assaulted by a Toreador Coterie

June of 1943 -An incident with the Mexican Sabbat led to the Zoot Suit Riots

  • Anarch resentment against Don Sebastian grew considerably.

1944 - Don had MacNeil savagely beaten and told him to leave L.A. and never return. This only served to solidify the hatred for Don Sebastian and his leadership.

1944 - Second Anarch Revolt

MacNiel petitions the Primogen to have Don Sebastian's position taken away. His petition falls on deaf ears.

Anarchs deliberately provoke several riots among the mortal population, in some cases by firing up mortal allies in the nascent civil rights movement and in others by staging incidents intended cause police crackdowns on those very same civil rights protesters.

  • Riots used as cover for targeted assaults against the Prince and all of his allies in the city.

MacNeil calls an ad hoc Revolutionary Council, declares the Status Perfectus. He refuses to take any titles or positions, arguing that anarchy will evolve into a natural order of sorts.

1944-~1960 - Turf Wars

  • The Giovanni exploit the fuck out of the turf wars to gain a foothold in LA

1960 - Aina Gladvold comes to LA, begins collaborating with other elders to stabilize LA. Silvia Valiente becomes Baron of Los Angeles.

~2000 - Garret Baldwin Becomes Baron

Silvia Valiente retires, and encourages Baldwin & Chance to run for Baronship. Baldwin wins.

2010 - Nosferatu get a stake in Santa Monica as Silicone Beach draws tech industry to LA.

2019 - Melisandre arrives & displaces Hahn as clan elder

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