Wu Zao

"How much? Ha! For that old trinket! Never! Wait, wait. How much again?"

The Orphans

Saulot left Europe and traveled east, where he met native creatures that, though they fed on blood, were not truly Kindred. These “Wan Kuei” called him Zaolat, and regarded him as a trickster, a thief, and a barbarian. Unwelcome though he was, Zao-lat managed to leave a legacy behind — the Wu Zao. These Kindred are the descendants of two vampires Embraced by Zao-lat during his time in the Middle Kingdom (named Zao-zei and Zao-xue). These two vampires helped Zao-lat uncover the arcane secrets of the East, break into the lairs of demons, and learn their weaknesses.

But the local vampires eventually drove Zao-lat from their lands, leaving behind his two childer to carry on his work. Since then, the Wu Zao have been intrigued or (more accurately) obsessed by whatever areas of arcane study pique their interests. Their scholarly ways have served them well — when news of Saulot’s destruction reached them, some few went into hiding and avoided purges in their own lands. The bloodline survives in modern nights — rare and quiet, but present.


Auspex, Fortitude, Obeah or Valeren(player’s choice at character creation)


The Wu Zao are scholars by nature, and each of them has a special focus. At character creation, the player must select an area of arcane study — the Wan Kuei, the culture of a specific mortal group, a group of mystical tomes lost to the ages, etc. Whenever the opportunity arises to learn something about this subject, the player must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 6) to avoid pursuing that lead to the exclusion of all else.

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