Assamite Sorcerers

"We were calling down gentle rain and terrible storms when your people were still making crude charcoal marks on cave walls. Don’t presume to know us."

The Magi

Outsiders to Clan Assamite don’t see the caste divisions clearly, but the Saracens have a history of blood magic that predates that of the Tremere. Assamite sorcerers began in the Second City, conscripted or lured into the Clan with the promise of immortality in which to perfect their magic. They were tasked with providing magical support, and for centuries, they were simply one caste of the Assamite Clan.

And then came the Tremere. The Assamite sorcerers found themselves facing foes as magically tenacious as they were, foes that were quite happy to steal their knowledge. The sorcerers fought against this new menace as best they could, but then the Tremere levied their blood curse on the line. The sorcerers became obsessed with finding a cure, an obsession which remains tonight.


Assamite Sorcery, Obfuscate, Quietus


The line as a whole has practiced the art for so long that it permeates their blood, making each individual sorcerer stand out like a beacon to anyone with supernatural perception. Any use of a supernatural power on a sorcerer for purposes of perception enjoys a -2 difficulty. Additionally, attempts to penetrate a sorcerer’s supernatural concealment using an opposed power are considered to operate one level higher than normal (so a character with Auspex 2 trying to penetrate a sorcerer’s Obfuscate has an effective Auspex of 3).

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