All Bloodlines not of the thirteen core clans are restricted. There are special conditions that must be met before a Bloodline character can be considered for approval:

  • The player must have at least two core characters that have been regularly played.
  • The player will automatically spend five nonrefundable Freebies on the chosen Bloodline.

Remember this is a privilege, not a right, and the Storyteller has the authority to revoke use of these characters at any time or refuse to allow them in play entirely.

Playable Bloodlines

Bloodline Restriction
Assamite Sorcerers None
Cappadocians Please DM Stone for more information
Children of Osiris None
Daughters of Cacophony Must be female
Gargoyles Must be loyal to the Tremere
Harbingers Of Skulls Can't be loyal to the Tal'Mahe'Rah
Kiasyd Can't be loyal to the Tal'Mahe'Rah
Lasombra Antitribu None
Maeghar Can't be loyal to the Tal'Mahe'Rah
Old Clan Tzimisce Can't be a Koludnic Sorcerer
Salubri None
Samedi None
Volgirre Can't be loyal to Sabbat
Wu Zao None
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