Frequently Asked Questions

What edition do you use?

Is this a traditional Chronicle?

  • While we do use game's mechanics to facilitate certain actions, this is ultimately a Roleplaying server. If you're looking for a traditional tabletop gaming experience, you will not find our style of RP to be to your liking. Think of our server as more of a collaborative writing space, where we can explore, interact, and develop characters and stories together. We improvise our Roleplay on a Post by Post basis in a semi-sandbox environment, allowing players to freely interact with each other and the environment itself.

Do you play over text or voice?

  • We play exclusively via text posts on this server. We do have voice channels available for OOC discussions. The style of roleplay here does not fit a real-time experience very well and voice does not allow us to record and read through each other's stories, therefore text-based posts are the only way to roleplay on this server. It should be noted that while you may certainly roleplay with members in private DMs, anything that isn't explicitly written in our In-Character channels will not be considered canon inside the LAiA universe. Event, plot and major character developments are always subject to Storyteller approval, so if you're ever in doubt whether or not something is allowed, simply ask one of the Storytellers or admins.

I'm new to Vampire: The Masquerade!

  • We're happy to have you! This server will offer you a casual experience that helps familiarize you with the lore and setting, without bogging you down with lots of game mechanics and dice rolling. Don't fret! this character creation guides will help you through the process of making your first character, and you may contact anyone in the #staff-list for help. We highly recommend that you read the V20 Corebook to acclimate yourself with the setting of World of Darkness.

I've played Bloodlines before! Does that help?

  • Bloodlines does an excellent job of portraying the general ambience and intrigue of Vampire, but the game took many artistic liberties with the tabletop game's lore. We try to stay as true to the v20 lore as we can while maintaining a fair and balanced community. Bloodlines is a decent enough teaser, but we strongly recommend you read through the book to get a more precise vision of the universe.

Are there any House Rules I should be aware of?

  • Yes! Our wiki is a great place to start reading while you get familiar with the community members in OOC chat. Once you submit a character, take the time to research more about the game and make sure to absorb the information on the wiki before jumping into Roleplaying with others. You may review all House Rules in our list, and we recommend you view our Character Creation Guides even if you are familiar with V20, as we have tweaked the formula to best suit our style of RP.

I have a character I've been playing in another Chronicle I'd like to play here! Do you allow XP transfers?

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