House Rules

Character Creation

  • Age - For each year spent as a vampire, a point of experience is awarded up until 100 years. A character is able to be a maximum of 500 years old with 100 bonus experience, although this extreme is not recommended. New players have restrictions found in the New Player Walkthrough.
  • Drive and Computers - All characters start with the first dot in Drive and Computers at no cost. You may remove these dots if you feel they are not appropriate for your character.
  • Paths of Enlightenment - In order to take a Path of Enlightenment, you must spend 3 freebies and write a paragraph justification as to how they were able to withstand converting and why they did so.
  • Sect Alignment - The only available sects are Camarilla, Anarch, and Independent. Sabbat-Aligned Lasombra, Tzimisce, and Tzimisce antitribu are banned and Tremere may only be aligned to House Tremere/the Camarilla. This is not negotiable.


  • Alternative Botch Rules - On a roll, any negative result is considered a botch. If you spend willpower, it'll always be 1 success negative or not.
  • Arms of the Abyss - Changes can be read about here.
  • Aura Perception - Aura perception cannot be used to scan a crowd, and can only be used to examine the aura of individuals. The meaning of each color must be taught to the character before they are able to discern what each mean.
  • Automatic Successes -Automatic successes can only be declared by spending willpower or using a discipline (such as Potence) correctly. This must be declared before the roll.
  • Earning Merits & Flaws - Merits and Flaws may be earned in-character through roleplay. Inquire with an ST to learn how a certain one can be acquired!
  • Flaw Removal - For flaws this makes sense for, a player is able to spend experience equal to twice the bonus of the flaw to remove it from their character sheet, provided there is proof in-character that the character worked to overcome it.
  • Frenzy Rules - Taking a mechanic from Requiem, all vampires who frenzy add their generation dots to all physical (strength, dexterity, and stamina) rolls while controlled by the beast.
  • Ghoul Embraces - Any disciplines had are kept, though only the disciplines their clan has will be considered in-clan. Missing attribute and ability points are not applied.
  • Learning Rituals - To learn rituals, you must work towards learning it in-character. This process may last several weeks, even months, as determined by a Storyteller. You must spend XP equivalent to 3x the Ritual Level in order to learn it. In order for time to be counted, a post must be made at least once every five days demonstrating the player character is studying and practicing the Ritual. This may only be done one at a time.
  • Mind Control - Attempts to mind control other player character are resisted actions, with the defending player using Willpower for their dice pool. Furthermore, no mind control effects can last longer than one scene without the defending player's consent. A Storyteller may be called at any time to supervise a mind control scene and break it up should it become inappropriate.
  • Torpor Length - As long as the torpor is not voluntary, a Vampire can be woken up by being fed blood, even if the torpor was induced by damage.

Character Rework

Once per PC, a player may rework the mechanical make-up of the sheet if they so desire. This can be done after a month of playing the character and resubmitting a new sheet into #character-updates with justification for the changes made.


  • Name, Clan, and Age cannot be edited.
  • We recommend not changing anything that has come up in in-character for consistency. All of a sudden not being able to use a discipline or skill that was displayed multiple times would not make sense.

Reworks are low-priority. This means that compared to new sheets and updates/xp expenditures, they are going to be the last reviewed by staff. While waiting on it to be reviewed, please keep using their old sheet.

True Faith

While the starting Merit of True Faith is restricted, player characters may still earn the True Faith trait. In order to do so, the following requirements must be met:

  • The character must be on Humanity. True Faith may not be earned if the character is on a Path.
  • The character must have a Humanity rating of 8 or higher. If Humanity ever falls below this threshold, they will lose access to True Faith. Losing access to True Faith will earn the character the Paradise Lost Flaw.
  • The character must have faith in a higher power and an appropriate holy symbol. The faith need not be based in Christianity, as Jews may use their star of David, pagans may use an ankh, etc.
  • After maintaining their Humanity for an appropriate period of time (as determined by Storytellers), the character may go on a journey where their Faith is tested and they come out resolute. Failure means the character loses a point in Humanity. A character may attempt to gain True Faith again once they regain their lost Humanity. This is a special event scripted by Storytellers.
  • Upon unlocking True Faith, the character receives one dot in Faith. Higher ratings may rise and fall at a Storyteller's discretion, as Faith is a measure of religious certainty and zeal.

To read on the benefits of True Faith, please see page 372 in V20.

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