NPC Guidelines

Here in Los Angeles in Anarchy, there are three different tiers of NPCs that are available for players to utilize. It is worth while to note that any time an NPC is to be played, the PC they are connected to must have an active part in the scene. If you wish to play an NPC alone in a scene without their PC, they must be made into a legitimate PC.


Backgrounds Encompassed: None

Random cashier at a gas station, prey during a successful hunt, and others that are more likely never going to come up again are fine to be played by anyone. They don’t require character sheets or even a name depending on the scene they appear in. LA is a populated city after all.


Backgrounds Encompassed: Herd, Contacts, Allies

Blood dolls, your drug dealer, and family members to name a few. Unless they are planned on being used mechanically (meaning you want to make rolls for them), these do *not* need character sheets, though writing out who they are and their relationship to the PC on their character sheet is necessary.


Backgrounds Encompassed: Retainers, Mentor

Anyone intended to be used in a mechanical fashion or that has a considerable effect upon your character is considered a staple NPC and requires a sheet before they are playable. They do not need to be as fleshed out as a PC, but mechanically the sheet should be finished and submitted to #character-submission with a note that they are an NPC.

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