Character Submission Guide

So you've looked over the character creation resources, and decided whether to make a vampire, ghoul or mortal. You may have even followed our new player walkthrough and/or our character guide. You've filled out the appropriate character sheet, noting down how you spent your freebies and any xp gotten at character creation. Remember to note down any leftover xp, and remember that unspent freebies do not carry over after character creation.

You've also written a backstory that is at least 500 words long, and saved it as a seperate document. Remember that certain choices in character creation, such as taking four or more dots in abilities or backgrounds, or chosing a bloodline or path of enlightenment, need to be justified in your backstory.

When your character has been reviewed by the STs, they will contact you.

Table of Contents

Quick Guide

Now that you have created your character and written your backstory, you may submit them over discord. Open up discord, and make your way to character-submission. Here you may upload both your character sheet and backstory.

Now all you need is patience. The Storytellers will get to your sheet in due time, usually within a week or two depending on how many characters have been submitted.

They will contact you when they get to your sheet, and let you know whether you need to change anything, or if you're approved.

Visual Guide

Open up discord, and navigate to the LAIA server, and look for the channel '#character-submission'. You can find it under 'roleplay-information'.

The simplest way to upload is to simply link to a shared version of your character sheet. Make sure to press the 'Share' button on Google Drive, and that your sheet is set to allow other people to view your sheet.


Uploading your combined character sheet & bio to #character-submission should look something like this:


Or you can upload your character sheet and the biography as two seperate files. Once you have navigated to the channel, press the upload button to submit your sheet and backstory.


Uploading your character sheet & biography file to #character-submission should look something like this:


Don't be worried if your files seem to disappear after you've uploaded it. The channel is set to hide its message history to prevent players from metagaming.

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