Toreador Ghouls

“This piece here? I painted that for my patron.
It’s not for sale.”

Toreador Ghouls

Of all the Clans, Toreador vampires maintain the closest relationship with their ghouls, with a rare few even going as so far as to marry them under false pretenses. While some Toreador ghouls suspect that their masters are inhuman, they often fall prey to the elaborate and inventive lies their domitors tell, and buy into the illusion that they are loved by a real person.

The Toreador Clan surrounds themselves with mortals, and blends in by designing families that either remind themselves of the one they had prior to their Embrace, or fit a romantic ideal. They tend to create ghouls then stop feeding them, knowing that they’ll age but still be Bound to their domitor. Some younger Toreador go to great lengths to maintain an illusion of normalcy by creating false identities for themselves and their family members, and occasionally abduct children to solidify their deception. As the years pass, however, there are only so many people domitors can lie to, so many mortals that are impressed with their plastic surgery and cold beauty. Sooner or later, the dream begins to fall apart, as the master finds she cannot control every word, every movement, every decision of those around her.

While every web of lies ends in tragedy, these obsessive Toreador domitors take a different, more brutal approach to the concept of family. Instead of attempting to blend in, they isolate themselves and draw victims to their side from the shadows, slowly feeding and luring them back to a place of their choosing. The domitor visits his “family” from time to time, acting the part of a beloved parent who is keeping an eye on his children. When he grows tired or angry with them, he disposes of them and starts over again.

Even if they don’t go to such extreme lengths to fit in, most Toreador domitors carry on a twisted relationship with their ghouls in some fashion. Some domitors pretend to be their best friend or lover, while others take on the role of a mentor, patron, or doting aunt. Thus, when they recruit candidates, they seek mortals they admire for some tangible reason. While beauty is a factor, Toreador domitors are not hedonists who only care about physical appearances. Many of their ghouls have unique attributes, talents, or resources, some of which are useful to maintain appearances and certain lifestyles. Examples of candidates include dancers, artisans, museum curators, socialites, nouveau riche, musicians, and trust fund babies.

Since the Toreador are more than likely to reward their ghouls with dazzling gifts, their servants mistakenly believe these trappings are a sign of their affection. The vast majority of Toreador ghouls are created to serve their masters in some fashion, and are expected to do so without complaint, without question. Provided they not only show their devotion but also perform well, Toreador ghouls live side-by-side next to their domitors. At the first sign of disloyalty, however, the Toreador turn on their ghouls, and their displeasure could result in petty or cruel punishments.

For Toreador domitors that lack wealth, they may seek ghouls who are disgustingly rich. In these relationships, the masters encourage their ghouls to spend money on them instead, and return their affections with extra feedings. Candidates include investors, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs. Unsurprisingly, these Toreador seem to employ more ghouls than the rest of their Clan. However, they also liberally use Presence to impress their servants, and some even go so far as to form roving cults of devoted followers, who worship them as a god and pay tribute.

Additionally, the Toreador also find candidates to help them with maintaining their security and covering up potential breaches of the Masquerade. Some domitors might select reporters, bodyguards, or investigators, while others might stick to high profile bloggers, local politicians, or minor celebrities. With the right amount of pressure, loyal Toreador ghouls can do considerable damage to the Clan’s enemies by swaying public opinion against them.

Among the Toreador antitribu, their selection and use of ghouls mirrors their darker, artistic pursuits. Wealth matters to them, but not as much as the rest of the Clan. Instead of painters and sculptors, they might choose serial killers or dominatrixes. In place of performers, they commonly select drug lords or gang members instead. Since many of the Toreador antitribu’s ghouls hail from a criminal background, they also act as enforcers who defend their domitors day and night.


Whether they have been recruited for their good looks or not, Toreador ghouls are expected to maintain their “look” in any way they can. Since many Toreador ghouls cannot afford an extravagant lifestyle,
their domitors often gift them with cutting-edge fashions and jewelry. Most, if not all, Toreador ghouls do stand out in some way, as the Clan prides themselves on associating with the unique.

Character Creation

Many Toreador ghouls manage their domitors’ affairs, but are also selected because their domitors connect with them in some way, either through an appreciation for art or a unique experience. Thus, candidates are recruited from art gallery managers, night club owners, models, singers, dancers, and personal assistants. Social Attributes, such as Appearance, as well as socially-based Skills or Talents are preferred provided these traits complement the ghoul’s personality.

Clan Disciplines

Auspex, Celerity, Presence.

Clan Weakness

Toreador ghouls suffer from a tendency to overprotect their masters. Often, Toreador ghouls might perceive a threat where there is none, and lash out believing that the safety of their domitors is at risk. At the Storyteller’s discretion, when a Toreador ghoul leaps to the conclusion that her domitor may be harmed, she must make a Self-Control or Instinct roll. The difficulty is 6.

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